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Learning ajax…

July 1, 2009 2 comments

Woh hoooh, you know what am i now learning? ..Ajax..
recently i’ve made a website.It was fully structured upon php and mysql.I’ve not use a single javascript coding in it.Because i thaught that php is everything about web technology.And i felt so stupid myself when i’ve learned about javascript dom functions.And now i rebuild my website with javascript dom.And you know what happened it’s reduce my coding about half.When i was knowing about dom it tells me about ajax,jquery and other stuff like that.So i go to them and try to understand what is it ‘ajax’? I am reading a book very patiently and i read the book about half of it.And you know what i have discovered to myself it’s an awesome tech. man!!!.What a tech.? I will must use this to my next project.Now i also try to figure out about jquery.Ooooh,It’s a library!!!

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