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Hello everyone.Today i am going to share my first android app that i built recently.
I call it MediaViewer.
The app is very simple.All it does is seek to see if you have any audio,video or photo in your phone, and represent them nicely in three gallery.One for images,one audios and other is for videos.
Here are some of the screen shot that i have taken.


You can click on any item and it will pop up another float screen with that item.
Also you can go to next item by clicking on top of the float screen.But not for video of course. 🙂
Oh, there is small button at the end of the screen if you want to contact me.
This application will be under development even though I’ve shown to you.
There are tons of idea pouring into my head and i will try to implement them, so in a way you can say that this app is the 1.0 version of MediaViewer.I will not publish it’s source code now since it has lot of things to update.When the update is done i will provide the source  code.Till then if you want to test the app for yourself please contact me.

If you have any query about anything please do comment.I’d be delighted to know.

Download app:        contact me

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