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Concept of Object in OOP

When we  first try to learn java(Object Oriented Programming),we all must have a conflict with Object.To be a developer having the idea about,”what is object?” is must.You must have a basic understanding about Object.Cz ,by the time pass by you will see that all things ,if it gui or others it always end up with concept of Object.So it is really very very important to have clear concept of Object Oriented Programming.

Now when u try to understand oop the very first question comes in mind is that What is this Object means?

Object is something that has some properties.And has some behaviour that acts with those properties.I am going take an example of Box.Now a box is cube like thing.It has width,height,length.If you assume those are it’s properties then i will say finding it’s area can be considered as it’s behaviour .Again if you are still confused about behaviour now what is behaviour in plain text?Think about yourself.Can you feel your skin?… J of course you can.When it is cold what do u do?And when it is summer i don’t think you do same thing as you do at the time of winter.So i can say the behaviour of your ,change when the behaviour or properties of something other change.See deep inside this concept,the behaviour change of weather will change the body temperature property of your thus your behaviour will also change.Go back to the box.If you change any property of it,it will affect the area of it.Now you can think of as many as behaviour you can.It’s up to u.If someone told you that i want some box with different type of area and also with different type of color.Then you can add a property of color with also add one extra behaviour in it that is going to set it’s color.You can imagine anything as object.From electron to whole universe.Since you are probably not here to assume the whole world as object but  to understand object in respect to programming language.What about a window or the browser you are seeing or a button?All can be imagined as object.A window has title bar, closing option,minimizing option e.t.c.When you click on minimize, it’s behaviour should be minimizing the window.What about the properties clicking on it?Clicking on it will fire a change in properties will fire to it’s corresponding behaviour.Take another example of human.The lowest distance of human eye that it can see is 25cm.Now if you are wearing a glass or your friend is,tell yourself or him what happened why are you wearing a glass?Probably the answer will be lowest distance of eye has been reduced or increased.So if i tell you lowest _distance is a property of another property (can also be considered  as object itself)of human which is eye.Well sometimes creator create human’s with a defected eye or  anything can happen to one’s eye.Every human has a property of eye and it can be true or false depends on ,if it can see or not.Now the behaviour of eye is to see something where it has a property of seeing something with minimum distance of 25cm.If this 25cm is changed by some another behaviour then it will fire a change in the lowest_distance thus the behaviour  of eye change thus you or your friend or your neighbour wear a glass of plus or minus power.

I think that’s explain a lot what the object is.

One thing you should know that what you are reading in here is the concept that i figure out myself.It can contain any or many conceptual error.If you find some,feel free to tell me about it.And also if you have any question feel free to ask.



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