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beginning android development

Last few days i was exploring about android development.And you know what i found ,I found it is pretty interesting.You do not have to be a geek to start with android,though i first thought that but now i am starting to like it.All you have to know is basic understanding about java.Enough talking,

So let’s get started for android:
At first you need to download the android sdk.
you can have it downloaded from

And one more thing ,i am using windows as my OS.
Download the sdk for windows.
After downloading the .zip file extract it and put your extracted folder into c:\ drive
Go into the folder and you will see a file named “SDK Manager.exe”
Double click on it.Then you should see a window for “Android SDK and AVD Manager”.
Click on available packages and expand the


link and you will see the most updated API packages available.

android sdk and avd manager

Select most updated packages as your API and also select samples as you can explore android more in depth and install it.It will download the API into platforms folder.And also will create folder for sample code.Now that you’ve downloaded the SDK, you have to choose which IDE you should use.Though you can code without any IDE but notepad but we don’t want any trouble ‘do we?’.Since everyone is comforting in using eclipse for android development and since it is open source so we also will use that.
If you don’t have eclipse then download it from the eclipse site.
Well i have downloaded eclipse for java.Also download the windows version.
Extract it and run your eclipse ide.
After that you need to download a plugin for android that is called Android Development Tools “ADT”.
Go to

“Help”->”Install New Software”->”Add”->Name:”ADT”,Location:”http://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/”
Under the developer tools check both DDMS and ADT.I will explain what is DDMS for later.And then install it.

Since everything is ready now we just need to integrete the sdk with eclpise so that eclipse can use the api provided by sdk and other resources.

Go to “Window”->”Preferences”->”Android”
under android locate the sdk location in your hard drive.
eclipse will do the rest for you.
Next thing you need to create a virtual device called emulator.
Go to window->Android Sdk and AVD Manger
Under virtual devices
Select ‘New‘ ,name your emulator whatever you like, select target as best available api,
give a size of the sd card if your application needs it and then ‘create avd‘.
Also you can have multiple AVD if you want.Then you can specify the emulator in which you want to run with.
And that’s it.
You are ready to go with android.

Now that you are ready

Go to your eclpise and start a new project
under Android select Android project
Do something like this:
Creating project

click finish
And then will see something like this:
android project
Right click on projeect and go to-> run as->Android application
then just wait for the magic.After appearing of your virtual mobile(emulator) click menu,app will

start automatically after awhile.
As i was saying you can use specific emulator if you want, so right click on project
got run as->run configurations, under that go target and check which AVD you want to launch.

And that’s it for today.I’ll keep update in my blog as my path of exploring android goes into deeper.

If you have any questions or any suggestions please inform me.


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  1. October 9, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    Soon,android phones will dominated the world. thx fyi

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    What is captcha code?, pls provide me captcha code codes or plugin, Thanks in advance.

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