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oracle with netbeans ide…..

somedays ago one of my friends just ask me that did i know how to connect oracle with netbeans ide?I said yes i know.And i have told some about it and i think that will help him,and also i think why don’t i share this topic in my blog,then the others can know it too.So here it goes..

open your ide. then you will see like this


go to databases, then right click on it.
and go to “new connection”


after that


in the name field select  “new driver”


now you will see something like this:


now click on add button and give it the location of  your oracle driver file
for mine it was:
after adding this jar file your netbeans will automatically do the rest of the work for you.
Now Driver class:oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
then look at your database url,it will be look like

Now in no.
try first giving
if it don’t work with your driver then try
port number of your server
if you don’t know in which port is your server is active
then see java-oracle
tutorial.After getting the port number write it to in “*3”
in here you have to put session id[SID] from server.If you don’t know the [SID] then you can get it by following above tutorial

For me it was..

Now you have to give the username and password,for which user do you want to connect.
[remember the username and password is for ur database user
e.g like “system”,”manager” is a user ]
for me i have another user ‘saiful103a’ beside system so i give
now connect with ur given username
and see the power of netbeans over oracle..

And that’s it


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