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For all new learner

I post this for those who are new learner in web programming.I am a university student.Now in 2nd year 2nd semester.I started to learning php about one and half month ago.In my first year first semester,honestly i don’t know a shit of computer programming when
i’ve got chance in cse in my versity.What is programming and this kind of stuff i really don’t understand when the teacher lecture us.So i was very disappointed with that.I always ask to myself why i have write a b c in a compiler.So i sit with my book and my pc with very angrily.And i say to myself i have to , i have to understand this.And start to reading the book,after some days then i realize my improvment in programming lab classes,though i can not solve the problem in all classes but i can some.Now it’s a history to me.All i have to say that when you want to learn something don’t disappoint on yourself that why can’t you understand.I tell you i am learning php,sometimes i get bored to reading those english books for an hour to hour but i know when i will be in application of this it will not.Because i have already made a website for my club.And i tell you it was awesome to me.Now i am also try to learning ajax,jquery,cms and other stuff of web programming.So try not disappoint..keep it up. best of luck…..

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  1. hridoy
    July 1, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    Nice post. this will inspire the new learner

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